Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long is a Sleep Study?

The sleep study runs for 6 ½-8 hours.


2. Do I have to go to sleep right after the hook-up?

Lights are turned out in your bedroom generally between 10:30 and 11:30 PM.


3. What if I need to go to the bathroom?

You can call the technician who will arrange for you to go to the bathroom. There is a nurse button to press.  The Technician will hear you when you call.


4. Are the rooms private?

Yes, the sleep rooms are private. Each has its own half-bath. The adult rooms are spacious and contain adjustable single beds. There is a mounted TV with remote which may be used until the sleep recording begins. At lights out, TV must be turned off in order to avoid interference in the sleep tracing.


5. How is my sleep monitored?

Sleep is monitored with small button sized leads pasted to your scalp.


6. How is my breathing monitored?

Small monitors are attached in front of your nose and mouth, loosely fitting bands placed around your chest and abdomen and a small probe placed over your finger.


7. What time can I leave the Sleep Lab?

You may leave the Sleep Lab after 6 ½-8 hours of good data has been obtained. In addition to the night-time study, your Doctor may request daytime testing.


8. Can I take a shower in the morning?

Yes, shower facilities are available in the Sleep Lab.


9. What should I bring?

  • your favorite pillow, if you prefer
  • your medications, you normally take.
  • two pieces of comfortable sleep wear, which are fit loosely.


10.What time the study will be over?

The study will be over by 6 AM.


11. How do I prepare for sleep study?

  • Clean your hair prior to your arrival.
  • Make sure your nails are free from acrilyic nails
  • If you plan to do your nail or hair please do after the sleep study if over.


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